Keeping fit: How to do the right exercise for your age

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Exercise is beneficial no matter your age but make sure you know what suits you.

The mental and physical benefits of exercise are well documented, including offering protection from heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and depression. The amount of time you should spend exercising and the type of exercises that are most beneficial change over time. Below is a guideline to the right type of exercise for your age, as outlined in a recent Independent Article

Childhood and adolescence – Exercise in childhood is essential, it aids in maintaining a healthy body weight, building healthy bones, creating healthy sleep patterns, and building self-confidence.

  • Children should try a variety of sports and develop skills, such as swimming and the ability to hit and kick a ball.
  • Lots of non–scheduled physical activity is great, too, such as playing in playgrounds. 

It’s important that exercise at this is is fun and engaging. 

Childhood Exercise
Adolescent Exercise

There is a decline in participation in exercise during the teenage years. Young people should be encouraged to keep up some form of exercise as they grow, to maintain health, but also to help manage stress and anxiety and to create a healthy body image. 

  • Team sports are great for teens and encourage cooperation and support. 
  • Swimming or athletics are great for teens who are not into team sports. 

In your twenties – Your body is at its physical peak in your mid-twenties. Your reactions speed and speed of oxygen distribution to the heart and lungs gradually slows into your thirties and beyond. However, regular exercise can slow down this decline. By building muscle and bone density in your twenties, make it easier to maintain your fitness in later life. 

  • Vary your exercise, try a new sport or activity. 
  • If you exercise regularly, implement an exercise routine and mix up your exercise cycle to focus on different aspects of training.

In your thirties  – Life gets busy in our thirties, careers and family start to take over and it can be harder to fit exercise in. It’s important to keep up cardiovascular fitness and strength to slow down the physical decline, maintain a healthy body weight and reduce stress and anxiety. 

  • If you are short of time, try high-intensity interval training. A session can be done in just 20 minutes. 
  • Add variety into your routine, try yoga or a new gym class. 
  • Get online, there are lots of great exercise videos that can be done at home for those who don’t have time to make it to the gym. 
Exercise in 30s
Exercise in 40s

In your forties – Due to the natural physical decline of the body, most people start to put on weight in their forties. Resistance exercise is the best way to prevent this. 

  • Try a kettlebell workout at the gym 
  • If you’re not into the gym, try taking up running. 
  • Pilates is great for building up core strength and protects against back pain common as we get older. 

In your fifties – At this age, aches and pains can start to show, and more chronic conditions, like type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease can begin to manifest. 

  • Maintain muscle mass with strength training.
  • Walking at a pace fast enough to increase heart rate and breathing 
Exercise for life

In your sixties – Maintaining a high level of activity at this age can reduce the risk of developing cancer, chronic pain and diseases. Social physical activities can help with mental health. 

  • Try something fun and social such as dancing. 
  • Aqua-aerobics can be a great way to develop strength using water as resistance.
  • Walking helps to maintain cardiovascular function. 

Seventies and beyond – Keeping active into older age helps to prevent frailty. In periods of ill health, try to do what you can to keep moving. 

  • When family visits, go for a walk. 
  • Continue with some strength exercise following medical advice. 
  • Keep moving as much as possible, hobbies such as gardening are perfect. 

Keeping moving throughout your life, especially into older age, helps to maintain health and mental wellbeing. 

Whatever exercise you choose, our Outdoor Pulse Gym studio will provide the perfect space to do it.

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